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What is prosperity for women?


Invoke the wealth of the Universe
A lecture by Yogi Bhajan at Women’s Camp June 26, 2001

Every female has a natural power of abundance, good luck, and prosperity, but she has to
decide to concentrate on it. If a woman provokes the Divine, there will be prosperity. Her
discipline guarantees it. But often she wastes her energy in many ways.
What is prosperity for a woman? It is when she expands herself, her goodwill, her good
manners, her smiles, her counseling, and her uplifting. Prosperity is all good things.
Whenever a woman puts all good things together, prosperity and abundance are assured.
But if she wastes her time in bitterness, poverty is assured.
For a female, health, wealth, and happiness lie in her manners. You can study in many
colleges, go to school, do anything, but basically it comes to one thing. And what is that?
Kindness! A woman must make kindness a priority. Kindness is an essential part of every
As your kindness expands, prosperity grows. You will have more friends, you will have
more opportunities, and good luck will knock at your door. Why? Because when you are
kind, compassionate, have good manners, and consciously concentrate your energy
toward being kind, there is nothing that can stop you from becoming prosperous. You
must meet people, you must receive people, you must talk to people, you must share your
wisdom with people.
There are 108 elements in this Universe, and they are all at the tip of your fingers,
provided that you decide to be compassionate, kind, and caring. Then nobody can stop
you. The idea is to just stop. Just wait. Don’t react. Just don’t react. There lies the whole
Universe, if you just don’t react. Think of all the energy that we waste being jealous,
being neurotic, talking negatively, competing and comparing in a very negative waythese
are not essential things of life.
©(2001)The Teachings of Yogi Bhajan

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